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52 Weeks of Jefe Inspirational Quotes Reviews

  • Tony Roberts
    This book helped me reflect and reference back to be more focused on detail to help me see what I needed to work on and helped me process my Journey of my past and my future. The Quote for me that stood out was " God is going to make a way even when you don't see a way. That really hit home and gave me confirmation that many times I didn't know how things would get done but my faith helped me through. This book is a great gift for anyone struggling with their life. The book will inspire and help anyone have a better understanding and understand there is a process and your journey is yours.
    Tony Roberts
  • AJ
    So far, each week I am inspired by this book. I am truly enjoying using the book as it helps me focus and maintain a positive mindset daily!
  • Kamala Green
    Such a great book to shift your perspectives and live an abundant life! The journal section allows you an opportunity to go back and reflect and see your journey! Great read!
    Kamala Green
  • Amazon Customer
    I've purchased personal development tools before but this one stands out. This book is a must and it stands out because it prompted me to reflect and then apply. I started with the Kindle version and then ordered the paperback . I highly recommend this to anyone that wants to improve their personal development.
    Amazon Customer
  • Kamau Clark
    This book is just what I have been looking. It is a collection of powerful quotes that are helping me in my everyday life; to view my surroundings in a different light. If you are looking to empower yourself and broaden your understanding of inner yourself, simply invest in this book
    Kamau Clark
  • Chen Yam
    One of the best inspiration book. It’s a must read !! Will recommend to families and friends.
    Chen Yam
  • Chris Goodson
    Love this inspirational quote book. Because it helps you to process where you want to go and how do you want to get there. By selecting a quote and then leaving room for the reader to write down in a journal style format is such an excellent idea. It allows you to read the quote , think about the quote and then write your thoughts on the quote. This book allows you to get a plan in place and to write it down. It’s essentially a vision board in a paperback book. The quotes essentially motivate you to figure out what your vision is. It’s a must have and will help you tremendously.
    Chris Goodson
  • Mia Hardin
    This is a personal self-improvement book that’s filled with memorable, life-changing quotes! My mother and I both love how this book gives us the opportunity to implement the changes as we reflect upon each quote, giving us a better way to do life and to become our most authentic selves. Since we began this journey, we can honestly say that it has helped us through our grieving process which has been one of the toughest seasons of our lives. Mother and I would strongly recommend this book to everyone, both young and old. It should definitely be a staple in every household! I would encourage everyone to get a copy, not only for themselves but also for all those whom they care about.
    Mia Hardin
  • Alicia Dunlap
    Chet, you have been a motivator since childhood. I appreciate you writing a book that is inspiring and motivating. A guide that gives us the opportunity to read and channel our being mentally, spiritual, physically, and empower to prosper. All life lessons don't have to be learned the hard way, but with trial and error we will succeed. Thank you!
    Alicia Dunlap
  • Alesia
    I absolutely love this book! I start my days on a positive note by reading the quotes and doing my best to apply them to my life. Taking the time to read, reflect and write down my thoughts have been incredibly beneficial for self-checking, introspection, and my personal improvement. This book has greatly impacted myself in so many ways, a great buy!
  • LNL
    Very inspirational book to achieve a better life. The daily quotes are food for thought and make me look at life through a different set of eyes.

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